Avoid These Mistakes and Advertise Smartly

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Custom business signs are vital for creating brand awareness and advertising your company products and services. But, it is not as simple as buying a sign and putting whatever you want on it. It is imperative to get help from a professional to know how to create a successful commercial sign and advertise smartly.

4 Things You Shouldn’t Do on Your Signage Design

Add Too Much Information

If you add too much information about your company to your commercial sign, it will make it difficult for the viewer to read your signage in a short period and most of the time, people only have a few seconds to read a sign and continue on their way. Always keep your sign simple and add just the most essential information.

Incorrect Font

There are many font styles to choose from but, if you don´t choose a font that is easy to read, it means that you could be losing many business opportunities. Also, if you don´t consider the distance between the sign and the viewer, you might choose the wrong size and make it very hard to read.

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Incorrect Size

Before choosing your commercial signage size, make sure to consider the distance to guarantee that your advertisement will be visible to the passersby. Many business owners don’t take into consideration the location of the sign before choosing its size, and that is a mistake.  

Not Doing Research About Your City Codes and Regulations

When it comes to the US, every business has its laws, codes, and regulations. So if you install your commercial sign without researching your city regulations, you might end up losing money and your signage removed for breaking the law.

Now that you know how to avoid certain mistakes, it is time that you contact our graphics design shop in Denver, and let our professional designers help you create powerful graphics for your business advertisement camping.

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